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Sahyog Group provides multiple insurance options as per the specific needs of the client or the issue at hand.

These include:
  • Marine Insurance of Cargo whether Domestic or International
  • General Insurance including Factory Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Fire Insurance, Group Insurance
  • Empty container insurance

Please find some details about Empty container insurance stated below:

The majority of containers used worldwide today comply with the ISO standard, with 20'- and 40'-long containers predominating. For some years, the ISO standard has come repeatedly under pressure. As stowage factors increase for most goods, many forwarders want longer, wider and higher containers, preferably all at once. 

"Jumbo" containers of 45' and 48' in length, widths of 8'6" (2.60 m) and heights of 9'6" (2.90 m) have been in existence for some years. Efforts to build even larger containers, e.g. 24' (7.43 m) and 49' (14.40 m) boxes 2.60 m wide and 2.90 m high, are mostly confined to the USA.

In principle, cargo insurance only covers claims relating to material damage to goods.

Exceptionally, the proprietor's interest in the container as packaging may also be insured if a special agreement is reached or through inclusion thereof in the damage liability invoice value. Interest in a leased container is not in principle insured.

The purpose of packaging is to allow transport of goods and to protect them from possible damage. If the above aim has been fulfilled, it is most common for only the packaging to be damaged, and not the goods.

If the packaging does not have any separate, intrinsic value, no independent loss may occur. Packing paper, which is discarded after the arrival of the cargo and suffers wear during transport, cannot therefore form the basis of a claim for damages.

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