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If you haven't shipped internationally in the past, then figuring out the mountain of paperwork that it can sometimes involve can at times be the most daunting task involved in the process. However, as long as you're dealing with Sahyog Group that has some experience in international shipping, the procedure can be fairly painless. The most important thing is to be sure that you take the time to sit down with your Service Provider and let them walk you through the process, and to show you exactly what forms need to be filled out for your specific shipment.

The key word there is specific. One thing that many people don't realize when they're first getting involved in international shipping is that there are many different requirements for documentation when shipping across a border, than change based on the nature and the value of whatever you are shipping.

So, just because one shipment needs certain forms to go with the one shipment doesn't mean that there won't be another form that you have to get as well when shipping something different. That is why you need to give yourself enough time in advance of your shipping deadline to always go over the specifics with your shipping company.

Basic documentation for this kind of shipping is fairly straight forward. A commercial invoice and a bill of lading are going to have to go with every shipment that you send across an international border. You'll also need a customs broker to get you a certificate to get your items across a border.

Where the more complicated documentation tends to come into play is when you're either shipping something that is of extremely high value, high quantity, or which is covered by a trade agreement. When you ship something that is covered under a trade agreement, you may need additional paperwork. On the other hand, if you're shipping very valuable goods or a large quantity shipment, you might need import or export licenses.

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