International Freight Forwarding Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Transport Cargo and Freight Internationally

  • Create an invoice for the international cargo that you need to ship. This commercial invoice will need to provide all of the information that customs will need to process the cargo. Include your company information, the customer's information, the value of the cargo, a packing list and the dimensions and weight of the cargo.
  • Request a price quote from a variety of freight forwarders.
  • Research the qualifications of 2 or 3 potential freight forwarders. Request verification that they are licensed, bonded, insured and also ask for references and credit information. This information will help you to identify the good companies to work with.
  • Select a freight forwarder to handle the process of shipping your cargo. Freight forwarders take care of everything for you. They complete the documentation, they arrange for the transportation of your cargo and they make sure that it gets to your customers.
  • Select a freight forwarder and make arrangements to have your cargo picked up and delivered.
  • Track your shipment and confirm its delivery.

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