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What documents are required to export goods from India:

For different products or destination different documentation takes place. For exporting certain products it may require a quality control inspection certificate from the Export Inspection Agency, while food and pharmaceutical products may require a health or sanitary certificate.

However the Shipping Bill/ Bill of Export is the main document required by the Customs Authority for allowing shipment for all products exported from India. Usually the Shipping Bill is of four types. The documents required for the processing of the Shipping Bill are: (1) GR forms (in duplicate) for shipment to all the countries, (2) Four copies of the packing list mentioning the contents, quantity, gross and net weight of each package, (3) Four copies of invoices which contains all relevant particulars like number of packages, quantity, unit rate, total f.o.b./ c.i.f. value, correct & full description of goods, etc, (4) Contract, L/C, Purchase Order of the overseas buyer, (5) AR4 (both original and duplicate) and invoice and (6) Inspection/ Examination Certificate.

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  • Obtaining credit limit for the buyer/buyer's country from ECGC.
  • Preparing / Obtaining Export documents
  • Shipping & customs clearance of the goods and Indian customs EDI system.
  • Obtaining export incentives under the Duty Drawback Scheme, marketing development Assistance , Focus  
  • marketing scheme, Focus products scheme, license etc.

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