how to export from India - Export Finance, export documentation and single window solutions in India

Finance services are provided by the commercial Banks to exporters for both before and after the shipment of goods.

The assistance provided before shipment of goods is known as pre-shipment finance and that provided after the shipment of goods is known as post-shipment finance.

Pre-shipment finance is given for working capital for purchase of raw material, processing, packaging, transportation, warehousing etc. of the goods meant for export.

Post shipment finance is provided for bridging the gap between the shipment of goods and realization of export proceeds.

The latter is done by the Banks by purchasing or negotiating the export documents or by extending advance against export bills accepted on collection basis. While doing so, the banks adjust the pre-shipment advance, if any, already granted to the exporter.

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  • Obtaining credit limit for the buyer/buyer's country from ECGC.
  • Preparing / Obtaining Export documents
  • Shipping & customs clearance of the goods and Indian customs EDI system.
  • Obtaining export incentives under the Duty Drawback Scheme, marketing development Assistance , Focus  
  • marketing scheme, Focus products scheme, license etc.
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