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Gold card scheme for Exporters:

The salient features of this scheme are: (i) all creditworthy exporters inclusing those in small and medium sectors with good rack record would be eligible for issue of Gold Card by individual banks as per the criteria to be laid down by the latter. (ii) banks would clearly specify the benefits they would be offering to Gold Cardholders. (iii) request from cardholders would be processed quickly by banks within 25 days/15 days and 7 days for fresh applications/renewal of of limits and ad hoc limits respectively (iv) In principle limits would be set for a period of 3 years with a provision for stand-by limit of 20 percent to meet urgent credit needs. (v) card holders would be given preference in the matter of granting of packing credit in foreign currency. (vi) banks would consider waiver of collaterals and exemption from ECGC gurantee schemes on the basis of card holder's credit worthiness and track record. and (vii) the concessive rate of interest on post-shipment rupee export creadit applicable upto 90 days may be extended for a maximum period of upto 365 days.

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  • Setting up of a most suitable type of business organization
  • Securing registration with the Regional Licensing Authority (IEC No.), Export Promotion Councils, Sales  Tax Authorities etc.
  • Understanding of new Foreign Trade Policy & procedures
  • Obtaining credit limit for the buyer/buyer's country from ECGC.
  • Preparing / Obtaining Export documents
  • Shipping & customs clearance of the goods and Indian customs EDI system.
  • Obtaining export incentives under the Duty Drawback Scheme, marketing development Assistance , Focus  
  • marketing scheme, Focus products scheme, license etc.

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