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Simplification of procedure for delivery of export credit:

With a view to ensuring timely delivery of credit to exporters  and removing procedural hassles, the RBI has issued guidelines  to the commercial banks. These guidelines are applicable to  Rupee export credit as well as export credit in Foreign  currency.

(i) Simplification of procedure for delivery of export credit:

(a) Banks should simplify the application form and reduce data  requirements from exporters for assessment of their credit  needs, so that exporters do not have to seek outside  professional help to fill in the application form or to furnish  data required by the banks.

(b) Banks should adopt any of the methods, viz. projected  balance sheet method, turnover method or cash budget method, for  customers, whichever is most suitable and appropriate to their  business operations.

(c) In the case of consotium finance, once the consortium has  approved the assessment, member banks should start  simultaneously initiate their respective sanction process.

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