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"On Line" credit to exporters:

(a) Banks provide "Line of Credit" normally for one year which  is revieved annually. In case of delya in renewal, the  sanctioned limits should be allowed to continue uninterrupted  and urgent requirements of exporters should be met on ad hoc  basis.

(b) In case of established exporters having satisfactory track  record, banks should consider sanctioning a "Line of Credit" for  a longer period, say, 3 years, with built-in flexibility to  step-up/step down quantum of limits withing overall outer limits  assessed. The step-up limits will become operative on attainment  of pre-determined performance parameters by the exporters. Banks  should obtain security documents covering the outer limit  sanctioned to the exporter for such longer period.

(c) In case of seasonal commodities, agro based products etc.  banks should sanction Peak/Non-Peak credit facilities to  exporters.

(d) Bankd should permit interchangeability of pre-shipment and  post-shipment credit limits.

(e) Term loan requirements for expansion of capacity,  modernization of machinery and upgradation of technology should  also be met by banks at their normal rate of interest.

(f) Assessment of export credit limits should be "need based"  and not directly liked to availability of collateral security.  As long as the requirement of credit limit is justified on the  basis of the exporter's performance and track record, the credit  should not be denied merely on the grounds of non-availability  of collateral security.

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