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Publicity & Training:

a) Generally, export credit at internationally competitive rates is made available in foreign currency at select branches of banks.In order to make the scheme more popular and considering the competitive interest rate on foreign currency loans and to mitigate any possible exchange risk, exporters need to be encouraged to make maximum use of export credit in foreign currency. Banks located in areas with concentration of exporters should located in areas with concentration of exporters should, therefore, give wide publicity to this important facility and make it easily accessible to all exporters including small exporters and ensure that more number of branches are designated for making available export credit in foreign currency.

b) Banks may also arrange to publicise widely the facility of prescribed interest rates being available for deemed exports and ensure that operating staff are adequately sensitized in this regard.

c) Officers at operating level should be provided with adequate training. In the matter of transfer of officials from critical branches dealing in export credit, banks should ensure that the new incumbents posted possess adequate knowledge/exposure in the areas of forex as well as export credit to avoid delays in processing /sanctioning of export credit limits and thereby subjecting exporters to the risk of cancellation of export orders.

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