Customs Clearance Agents in Delhi, Mumbai, India

The headaches of clients is customs clearance of their shipments. Custom clearance need not only time and patience, but a great deal of professionalism and well organized network. Since we know all the process the way and the need of having organized network, our company does custom clearance of our clients' cases in the very best way.

This is one of the services that make our company unique and special, doing what others might not be able to do. We bear the burden and headache of our clients' in performing customs clearance by taking the burden by our selves.

As customs clearing agent Sahyog Group facilitates the movement of goods through customs by ensuring that the correct documentation is completed & also offers significant expertise in exporting to various countries adding value that goes beyond the document preparation and related activities.

We keep the client informed about the movement of their cargo till it reaches the destination. We ensure that each shipment is delivered with the complete documentation, prior to close-out of the schedule flight / vessel.

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Freight Forwarding Company

A freight forwarding company acts like an intermediary between a client and other transportation services. Or we can say that the carriage and forwarding agents are actually the third party handling and managing the operations of transportation of goods from end-to-end. These agents or forwarders are the transportation experts with a very good knowledge of the state of the import-export industry and is well informed of the regulations that govern it. 

This agent knows and understands the major rules and regulations applicable in the international clearance and forwarding process. It would be a wise step to hire a clearance and forwarding agent if you are planning to ship products from many different countries. Some of the major tasks that are performed by a clearance and freight agent may include creating an invoice for international shipping, making arrangements for the pickup and delivery reports, arranging and coordinating customs for attaching warehousing, thoroughly completing all the documentation work required for your cargo, and finally confirming the delivery of your cargo. 

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How to Export Goods from India?

Once you are ready with the infrastructure for exporting goods and obtained necessary finance, you should proceed to procure the goods for export. Procuring the goods should be done with extreme care and caution both for quality and cost.

However, procuring the raw materials etc. and manufacturing the goods for export will need extra efforts on your part.

If you are an established exporter, you can have the facility of procuring raw materials under the duty exemption scheme. You can be issued Duty Free Replenishment Certificate (DFRC) for the import of inputs used in the manufacturing of goods without payment of customs duty but additional customs duty equal to the excise duty shall be paid at the time of import of inputs.

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Cargo Insurance Agents Delhi

While Sahyog Group arranges for the transportation of your goods, it provides the owner of the cargo financial protection against all risks of physical loss or damage from any external cause. The insurance provides risk coverage for ocean, air and road freights. Insurance services from Sahyog Group also provide coverage for stored goods at the company's warehouse. In the event of a loss or damage, the insurance surveyors are available for responsive and complete inspections. Sahyog Group claim handling unit makes quick, fair and complete settlements. Cargo insurance provides extra peace of mind for the valued customers.
For international shippers Sahyog Group offers:

  • Unlimited access to the world's top cargo insurance carriers
  • Streamlined facility for small shippers
  • Competitive rates, flexible terms
  • Complete internet based solution for Logistics firms
  • International Property and Liability Coverage

Service Highlights

  • Covered losses are paid without the need to prove carrier negligence
  • No limits on Cargo value coverage
  • Insurance Company deals with collecting from the carrier (if possible) once the claim has been paid
  • No need to demonstrate where the loss occurred
  • Claim payments based on insured value, not weight of pieces missing/damaged or Carrier's limited liability
  • Company will report and handle claims on your behalf
  • Low deductibles

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Export & Import Documentation Services Delhi

Founded a decade back with an aim of becoming a Single Window Service Provider for Exporters’ & Importers’ requirements, Sahyog Group has grown well in the market with a focus on complete Customer Satisfaction.

Sahyog Group has an efficient infrastructure to handle Cargo effectively and to provide complete assistance for Export & Import related Documentation. While providing our services to all industries we specialize in heavy industrial goods and engineering goods, e.g., Rolling mills, Oil field equipments, Cooling towers, Electric motors, All types of Transformers, OTS & Tower cranes, Control panels, Capital machineries for cable industry, Bailing press machineries, Packing & sealing machineries & Leaf springs, Home appliances, chemicals, PP granules, Rubber sheets etc.

Sahyog Group is managed by its Directors & a team of well experienced Managers under whose supervision entire workforce continuously works to ensure the best of services to clients to their fullest level of satisfaction.

We take utmost care of requirements of Import & Export Documents right from opening up of Letter of Credit (LC) up to preparing the Bill of Exchange and covering letter required by your bank. So all you have to do is, submit your documents to the bank after handing over your invaluable cargo to Sahyog and everything else will be taken care of.

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Custom Clearance Services Delhi India

At Sahyog Group, We provides custom clearance and freight forwarding services to our clients. The knowledge of entire know-how involved all technicalities which enable us to provide hassle-free logistics solutions. 

We have attained a prime position in industry as a logistics solutions providers. We ensure to induct world-class facilities and best internationally followed practices into our operations. 

Our vast resources enable us to undertake any business order from the clients. Empowered with an extensive network and co-ordination offices, we have been catering to the specified needs of the clients that include:
• Custom Documentation 
• Carting / Receiving Goods
• Examination of Shipments
• Handling of Stuffing & Destuffing at Ports, ICDs and Clients’ warehouse
• Clearing Services handled by qualified & authorized personnel

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One Stop Shop for Import Export related services

We provide Single Window Consultancy services for facilitating services for all organizations with business interest in international trade. We assist our clients in successfully addressing all regulatory and licensing requirements, government clearances, and liaison with related government agencies. We work closely with clients to develop strategies and implement plans to add value to your international business.

Sahyog Group is a reputed Custom Clearing & Freight Forwarding Agent in India. Our consultancy not only cover trade, tariff, classification and customs formalities; we advocate our clients cases, files, adjudications and any customs issues related to valuations, duty payments, provisions of customs act etc.

To optimize international trade, expedite a shipment and liaison with customs and other government agencies is an essential feature in any transaction pertaining to international trade. Selecting and executing incentives for exports and economizing imports/ projects through various schemes have been our forte.

We provide complete tailor-made package that include door to door delivery, customs services, EXIM Policy implications, licensing, DGFT, Insurance, Octroi-BMC, Banking and other Legal/ Governmental liaison with maximum economy, effectiveness and efficiency.

We help our clients in Procurement of Import Export Code (IEC) or amendment in the same, in Procurement of various licenses like DEPB, Advance license, EPCG etc. & in Registrations with relevant Export promotion councils, Customs, Chamber of Commerce etc.

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International Freight Forwarders India

International freight forwarders can provide lot of benefits to Import Export Companies. To list a few: 

  • Customs Clearance: Customs paperwork is a complex area that will only further tax your understanding and clog your ability to take care of customers, vendors and marketing. International freight forwarders, in addition to knowing all the ins and outs of proper shipping procedures, offer customs clearance services to aid you in simplifying your business. 
  • Documentation: In order to receive your payment from a bank, there are many documents that may be required to satisfy the involved bank or financial institution. One such document is the bill of lading. A proper bill of lading will facilitate fast payment, so you can keep your business moving along with your freight. 
  • Insurance: Not only do many freight forwarders provide insurance options for your shipments, they know what is best for the needs of your business, and can quickly determine the most protective and cost efficient way that you can complete each transaction. 
  • Inventory Management: International Freight Forwarders can help you in managing your Inventory. Careful planning is a necessity of successful Inventory Management, and freight forwarders are professionals at accomplishing this task. 
Domestic and international freight forwarders are skilled at planning and execution. Both are full-time jobs. Where will you find the time to devote to it, when you've got your own business to run? Let freight forwarders take care of you, so you can take care of the customer.

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Export Import Documentation Consultants Patna Bihar India

Sahyog Logistics has been instrumental in providing innovative and value added solutions for importers and exporters in India. We are an International Freight Forwarder and Logistics Service Provider Incorporated in India. Head office in Delhi and branches spread across the length and breadth of the country covering major ports and Inland Container Depots with strategic control centers. 

Our specialties include handling all types of machinery such as injection moulding machines, air compressors, windmill, hydraulic compressors and so on, containerized cargo, Chemicals, consumer goods such as lactose, RBD palm oil, butter oil, sugar, textiles, garments, spices and project cargo. We have complete setup to handle Ocean, Air and Inland Freights all over India and can render assistance toward Import and Export to and from round the World. Transportation and "Destination - Delivery" are arranged after completion of relevant Customs & Port formalities. 

We are one of the leading agencies providing clearing and forwarding services to our esteemed clients. Our services include- clearing and forwarding of import & export cargo, arrangement & monitoring of consignments & deliveries nationally and over the border, booking & shipping of cargo to and from overseas, air and ocean transportation, import & export documentation services, customs clearance, specialized in clearing project import, freight forwarding services, cargo warehousing services at Delhi, door to door delivery and project cargo handling.

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Import Export Consultancy Amritsar Ludhiana Jalandhar Punjab India

Sahyog Group offers prompt and hassle free import-export consultancy for the valuable clients from different industries and trade. The company provides counsel and services attending to commodity, tax rates and duties, import and export restrictions, exchange rates, methods of customs clearance, letters of credit, insurance requirement, domestic and international shipping and transportation regulations, tariff classifications, concessions, and appraisals.

With a sound knowledge and know-how, the expert professionals from Sahyog Group educate the clients of the rules and policies governing the same. Sahyog Group believes in fast and precise solutions and are indeed famous for delivering consultancy services in the shortest possible time, helping our clients reap the benefits of numerous exemptions incentives / assistance available under the Import-Export Policy.

We take utmost care of requirements of Import & Export Documents right from opening up of Letter of Credit (LC) up to preparing the Bill of Exchange and covering letter required by your bank. So all you have to do is, submit your documents to the bank after handing over your invaluable cargo to Sahyog and everything else will be taken care of.

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Buyer's Credit Services for Importers introduced by Sahyog Freight

Hi All,

Kindly refer the latest issue (March 2012) of South Asia's Leading Cargo Monthly Magazine "Cargotalk". Sahyog Freight, a leading Customs clearing, freight forwarding company, introduces Buyer's Credit Services to benefit Importers. In this article, our Managing Director elaborates the same.

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Warehousing & Distribution Services Ahmedabad Mundra Port Gujarat India

At Sahyog Group, we provide customised and cost effective warehousing and distribution solutions. By understanding our customers’ requirements and anticipating their future needs, we implement customized solutions that drive value for their businesses.

Dedicated Warehousing
If the scale, location or complexity of your business requires a dedicated solution, we have the expertise and infrastructure you need. Starting with a thorough analysis of your specific business requirements, our teams design, implement, operate and improve dedicated warehousing and distribution operations that deliver value to your business.

Consolidated Warehousing
We offer consolidated operations allowing greater efficiency in warehousing and distribution, achieving tangible cost savings for customers. Sahyog Group boasts with world-class warehousing facilities and the most up-to-date fleet.

Shared Warehousing and Distribution 
Through owned warehousing and distribution facilities together with the capability to innovate and expand, Sahyog Group offers the flexibility and cost advantages of sharing space, labour, equipment and transportation. While creating economy of scale and achieving tangible customer benefits, we focus on each customer and consistently deliver excellent service through dedicated key account management structures. 

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Customs Clearance Services Mumbai Nagpur Pune Maharashtra India

The Customs Clearance team at Sahyog Group offer experienced customs broker services and are here to provide you with all your customs clearance needs. We offer full services for both imports and exports, covering land, air and sea.

We have global expertise in both commodity classifications and all the various government rules and regulations to ensure rapid clearance of your goods through customs, correct classification of import and export materials whilst contunually ensuring that the correct customs duties are paid.

Our role is to ensure that all import and export cargo moves smoothly without unnecessary delays, whilst complying with all relevant statutory regulations.

Our customs clearance agents are experts in local specifications, classifications and regulations. This on-the-ground knowledge allows them to handle the administration tasks for you swiftly and without complication.

Our comprehensive range of services includes the preparation of all necessary declarations and reporting to the appropriate authorities. Furthermore it includes electronic pre-filing, customs consultancy and documentation processing as well as security sealing and certification.

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Procuremen​t of IEC Code (Import Export Code) India

IEC Code (Import Export Code) is unique 10 digit code issued by DGFT – Director General of Foreign Trade , Ministry of Commerce, Government of India to Indian Companies. To import or export in India, IEC Code is mandatory. No person or entity shall make any Import or Export without IEC Code Number.

An application for grant of IEC number shall be made by the Registered/Head Office of the applicant and apply to the nearest Regional Authority of Directorate General Foreign Trade. The Application is to be made through ‘Aayaat Niryaat Form - ANF2A’ and shall be accompanied by documents prescribed therein.

Check List of Documents to apply for IEC Code

  1. Covering Letter on your company's letter head for issue of new IEC Code Number.
  2. Two copies of the application in prescribed format (Aayaat Niryaat Form ANF2A) must be submitted to your regional Jt. DGFT Office.
  3. Each individual page of the application has to be signed by the applicant.
  4. Part 1 & Part 4 has to be filled in by all applicants. In case of applications submitted electronically.
  5. No hard copies of Part 1 may be submitted. However in cases where applications are submitted otherwise, hard copy of Part 1has to be submitted.
  6. Only relevant portions of Part 2 need to be filled in.
  7. Rs 250.00 Bank Receipt (in duplicate)/Demand Draft/EFT details evidencing payment of application fee in terms of Appendix 21B.
  8. Certificate from the Banker of the applicant firm in the format given in Appendix 18A.
  9. Self certified copy of PAN issuing letter or PAN (Permanent Account Number) Card issued by Income Tax Authority.
  10. Two copies of passport size photographs of the applicant duly attested by the Banker of the applicant.
  11. Self addresses envelope with Rs.25/- postal stamp for delivery of IEC certificate by registered post or challan / DD of Rs.100/- for speed post.

We at Sahyog Group, help our clients in Procurement of Import Export Code (IEC) or amendment in the same. Sahyog Group is managed by its Directors & a team of well experienced Managers under whose supervision entire workforce continuously works to ensure the best of services to clients to their fullest level of satisfaction. 

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Marine Cargo Insurance Services Delhi Mumbai Kolkata Chennai India

Insurance on goods, wares, merchandise and other movable properties which may be exposed to marine hazards or perils during their transportation from one location to another.

You’d imagine the most important question would be “whose carelessness caused the loss or damage?” Even if you prove the carrier was careless, the maximum you can recover from the carrier is only a fraction of the value of the goods. You need your own Marine Cargo insurance.

Don’t rely on the carrier’s insurance. Marine cargo insurance covers physical damage to (or loss of) goods whilst in transit by land, sea & air.

Include the Marine Cargo Insurance point in your sales contract with other party, this makes clear who’s responsible for arranging marine cargo insurance. Both parties know where they stand. Premium’s are only a fraction of 1% of the value of the goods. You declare what the goods are worth for insurance purposes; the premium is a % of that. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind, and future security of your business.

Always make sure your goods are insured appropriate to the mode of transport. Make sure your have insurance against General Average. Get advice from your Freight Forwarder or Insurance Broker.

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Buyer Credit, Supplier Credit in Delhi Mumbai Kolkata Chennai India

Buyer’s Credit
Buyer’s Credit refers to loans for payment of imports into India arranged on behalf of the importer through an overseas bank. The offshore branch credits the nostro of the bank in India and the Indian bank uses the funds and makes the payment to the exporter’ bank as an import bill payment on due date.
Benefits of Buyer’s Credit:
The benefits of buyer’s credit for the importer are as follows:
·         The supplier is paid on due date; whereas importer gets extended date for making an import payment.
·         The importer can use this financing for any form of trade viz. open account, collections, or LCs.

Buyers Credit Process flow:
1.       The Indian customer will import the goods either under DC, Collections or open account.
2.       The Indian customer requests us before the due date of the bill to avail buyers credit financing.
3.       We contact overseas bank branches to provide a buyers credit offer letter in the name of the importer. Best rate is quoted to the importer.
4.       Overseas Bank to fund your existing bank nostro account for the required amount.
5.       Existing bank to make import bill payment by utilizing the amount credited.
6.       On due date existing bank to recover the principal and amount from the importer and remit the same to Overseas Bank on due date.

Regulatory Framework:
A. Amount and Maturity
  • Maximum Amount Per transaction : $20 Million
  • Maximum Maturity in case of import of non capital goods: upto 1 year from the date of shipment
  • Maximum Maturity in case of import of capital goods : upto 3 years from the date of shipment
B. All-in-cost Ceilings - 6 Month Libor + 350 bps *

Supplier’s Credit
Supplier’s Credit relates to credit for imports into India extended by the overseas suppliers or financial institutions outside India. Usance Bills under Letter of Credit (LC) issued locally on behalf of their importers are discounted by overseas banks, paying your suppliers at sight against issuance bills under l/c’s.
Process Flow of Transaction
1.       With transaction details importer approaches us to get suppliers credit for the transaction
2.       We arrange an offer letter from overseas bank on the transaction
3.       Importer confirms on pricing to overseas bank and gets LC issued from his bank, restricted to overseas bank counters with other required clauses
4.       Suppliers Bank sends the documents to Supplier’s Credit Bank.
5.       Supplier’s Credit Bank based on acceptance, discounts the bill and makes payment to Supplier.
6.       On maturity, Importer makes the payment to his bank and Importer’s bank makes payment to Supplier’s Credit Bank

·         Should be LC backed.
·         Arrangement has to be done before LC gets opened. Incase of LC already opened, relevant amendment needs to be done.
·         LC to be restricted to suppliers credit providing bank under 41D clause of LC

Regulatory framework – same as buyer’s credit

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