Sea / Ocean Freight Forwarders Delhi

Sahyog Group has established contracts with selected carriers based on their space availability and service reliability per every single route. Sahyog Group takes care of every phase of the freight forwarding, from consolidation to warehousing to customs clearance.

We regularly file pre-clearing of the goods so that your cargo is customs cleared before the ship arrives and it’s ready to be delivered skipping bottlenecks and cutting total transit time.

We offer:
LCL - Less then a Container Loads
In case you don’t have enough goods to fill up a Full container Sahyog Group can pick up your goods and consolidate them with other customers goods in a single container to be sent to destination.

FCL - Full Container Loads
Sahyog Group can arrange Full Container loads from your factory and all proper documentation to send the container to destination safe and clear.

For more economic solutions but still very competitive in terms of total transit time, Sahyog Group can organize multimodal solutions based on the location of its International hubs, combining Air and Sea movements for more convenient deliveries.

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