Setting up of Export Oriented Units

At Sahyog Group, we help you set up Export Oriented Units. Export is one of the most lucrative business activities in India. The Government also provides various incentives to the exporters for earning valuable foreign exchange for the country for meeting their requirements for importing modern technology and essential inputs.

We provide consultation in the area of:

  • Setting up of a most suitable type of business organization.
  • Securing Registration with the Regional Licensing Authority (IEC No.), Export Promotional Councils, Sales Tax Authorities etc.
  • Understanding new Foreign Trade Policy & Procedures.
  • Obtaining Credit Limit for the Buyer/Buyer’s Country from E.C.G.C.
  • Preparing/Obtaining Export Documents.
  • Shipping & Customs Clearance of the Goods & India Customs EDI System.
  • Tendering the Documents to the Bank.
  • Obtaining export incentives under the Duty Drawback Scheme, Focus Marketing Scheme, Focus Products Scheme, EPCG License, Marketing Development Assistance etc.

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