Freight Forwarders in Delhi

Freight Forwarders are undoubtedly important in the field of shipping and transportation business. They also assist various businesses when it comes to finding fantastic ways to ship goods to different locations. Freight services are also known to assist various other tasks such as goods export to many different nations all across the globe.

These freight forwarding services are obligatory for any industry that frequently exports and imports goods. In fact all businesses that infrequently export and import would also benefit a lot from these services. Freight forwarding companies involve in a lot of planning when it comes to shipping goods across the clients. The planning basically involves some crucial elements such as deciding on a type of carrier that would be appropriate for shipment and economical size for every transport.

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Import Export Consultancy Services in Delhi

Sahyog Group offers prompt and hassle free import-export consultancy for the valuable clients from different industries and trade. The company provides counsel and services attending to commodity, tax rates and duties, import and export restrictions, exchange rates, methods of customs clearance, letters of credit, insurance requirement, domestic and international shipping and transportation regulations, tariff classifications, concessions and appraisals etc.

It is said that international trade does not deal with goods or services, but with documents. Strange, but true! The importance of correct paperwork cannot be overstated when it comes to import and export transactions. If you're the type who cannot abide paperwork, may we suggest that you hire someone who can! Documentation is crucial to international trade, and there's plenty of it to deal with.

Many a companies always find it difficult to manage all these document requirements internally. This affects their focus, manpower and other resources. And one simple mistake can lead to avoidable circumstance and even losses. If this is the first time that you are importing or exporting something, you need services of professionals who will help you cut down your hassle and enhance productivity of your organization.

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Car Transportation Services in Delhi NCR

We employ qualified professionals to provide Car Transportation services to our valued customers. The vehicles can be transported by air, road or cargo as per the requirements of our customers. Modern machines like cranes and trolleys are used by our team members to handle the vehicles with care. Our high-ranking officials supervise our team members to ensure perfect execution and safe delivery.

Whether you’re going from Delhi NCR to Mumbai or any part of India or even any part of the World, Sahyog Group has the tools, resources and people ready to make your move as easy and cost-effective as possible.

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Who is a Customs Clearance Agent?

You might be thinking, “Who is a Customs Clearance Agent?” Well, if you’re importing for the first time or just need a better understanding of the role of a customs clearance agent – we’re here to help. We are India's customs clearance specialists with many years of experience. Our professional staff will gladly pass on their professional freight shipping expertise regarding your particular products and circumstances, thereby providing you with the complete logistics picture and facilitating a seamless import process.

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Transportation Services in India

Sahyog Group is highly renowned throughout India for its professionalism and commitment to transportation of large quantities of freight within the country.

Sahyog Group specializes in the transportation of FMCG and large volume goods including packaging supplies and other raw materials to leading retailers throughout India.

As a result of combining the industry’s most advanced technologies with exceptional dedication to its clients and employees, Sahyog Group is recognized as a driver of the industry.

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