Professional Air Logistics Services in Delhi, India

With our thorough knowledge of competitive pricing and routing strategies, our experienced air freight staff will ensure that your cargo reaches its destination on time and hassle free. Our comprehensive air service team will ensure that your consignment is handled professionally. Moreover, a dedicated network of air and ground services for pickup and delivery, and flights with consistent transit times to all major international destinations is an added privilege to our clients. All consolidations can be handled in our on-site warehouse, and clients are updated on shipment status until delivery is confirmed.

We provide a complete package of air logistics services through our global network of experienced professionals and state of the art tracking technology. Sahyog Group has in depth knowledge of the global freight market and the choices of different carrier available. We ensure that the right carrier is utilized in accordance with one’s budget, time constraints and destination preferred.

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Transportation Management Services in India

Fundamental to any logistics operation is transportation. Sahyog Group offers a comprehensive suite of transportation management services which can be tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs.

Our fleet of trucks vary in size and purpose meeting the specific shipping needs of all types of goods, for both long and short haul – ensuring the quality and safety of our clients’ and their customers’ products.

Sahyog Group’s highly skilled team evaluates every client’s requirement and provides the most cost effective transportation solution for the most efficient and safest movement of their products. As one of the India’s most experienced logistics providers, we are able to partner with other local truck, sea and air carriers, as required.

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Professional Customs Clearance Agents in Delhi, India

With years of experience, we can provide you with reliable and efficient service through every step of the process. We start working on your order before shipment, preparing documentation and licenses in order to reduce the lead time.

Sahyog Group employs a team of professional agents with years of industry experience. You can rest assured that our Customs Clearance team has the experience and continuous training needed to help you properly comply with Customs regulations throughout the world. Fully automated broker, you are assured of a compliant, expedited & cost efficient process of pre-clearing your cargo prior to flight arrival. Our direct link to and established relationships with Customs and other government agencies ensure accurate and quick processing of your shipments.

Besides the above, we are in constant touch with container lines / airlines and relay the latest information on customs and duty structure , international trade related restrictions to our clients.

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Leading Warehousing Facilities in Delhi

Sahyog Group is proud to offer its state-of-the-art warehouses for both temporary or long-term storage requirements. We constantly monitor, control and record our clients’ products. Our leading technologies ensure real-time visibility, seamless reporting and management.

Our highly experienced team specialises in developing cost effective, warehousing solutions to exactly meet our clients’ requirements.

Sahyog Group offers industry leading warehousing facilities in Delhi ensures optimal product integrity.

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Best Ocean Freight Forwarding Company India

Sahyog Group is uniquely positioned in its ability to offer flexible carrier choices and competitive pricing through our combination of long time carrier relationships and strong buying power. With an unsurpassed extended global network, Sahyog Group handles all aspects of ocean shipments in most countries of the world including:

  • Full Container Load Service (FCL)
  • Less Than Container Load Service (LCL)
  • Project Cargo (oversized / non-containerized)
  • Sea-Air Service
  • Multi-Modal Service
  • Break Bulk
  • Consolidation
  • Documentation Preparation

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International Relocation Services in Delhi

Specializing in the relocation of business professionals and their families, the personnel of Sahyog Group take great pride in being a part of your move and take great care in transporting our customers' household valuable items.

Because all of your household goods have great value to you, we put our whole 'heart' into each job. Our International Relocation Service is designed to assist people moving overseas for business purposes, as well as those returning home after living abroad.

Our staff takes every precaution to ensure that your international move is handled graciously, dependably and damage-free.

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Customs Clearance Services for Indian Importers

Fulfilling a vital role to Indian importers, our customs clearance division has steadily evolved to become recognized as an industry leader. Our strategically located offices are staffed with knowledgeable personnel who go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your clearances are handled promptly and efficiently.

We understand that you expect a reliable team of licensed professionals to back you, but we don't stop there. Our experienced team of customs consultants makes it easy for you to enjoy the benefits of current trade policies and new government initiatives, which directly affect Indian importers. Sahyog Group customs consultants have the expertise to educate and provide you with information and advice specific to your needs as an importer.

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Warehousing and Distribution Facilities across India

Our warehousing and distribution offerings include distribution facilities across India to meet your strategic needs, such as Supply Chain Management, efficiently and cost-effectively. Sahyog Group offers 3rd party logistics solutions, cross-docking, pick and pack, and electronic security monitoring. All distribution facilities are located in close proximity to major gateways for added convenience. Using the right logistics provider, from door to door, will help eliminate extra costs and delays, providing your customers with the same quality service we, at Sahyog Group, proudly provide to you.

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One Stop Shop for Import and Export in Delhi

Sahyog Group's experienced professional team and worldwide network enable us to offer you more than our competition around the globe. With a single phone call, your shipment will move from door to door anywhere in the world. We will analyze and select the best options for cost-effective solutions such as fastest routing, multiple orders consolidation, appropriate packing, letter of credit documentation, consular documents, customs clearance and more. simply put, Sahyog Group does everything it takes to secure your company's success.

Whatever your import and export needs, we have the systems in place, and the personnel, to provide you with quality logistics services that will meet and surpass your expectations.

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Car Insurance Services in Delhi

Car insurance premiums can vary by hundreds or thousands of rupees, so it usually pays to shop around.

Yet is is the daunting task of shopping around that leaves many car owners stuck with the same insurance company, paying more than they need to year after year. Our mission at Right Path Insurance is to make it easier for drivers and car owners to save money on car insurance by aggregating insurance quotes for you.

We understand that your time is just as valuable as your money, so we work with a network of India's most trusted insurance companies to find you the best rates available. Call 9643001881 today!

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Import Export Documentation Services in Delhi

We take utmost care of requirements of Import & Export Documents right from opening up of Letter of Credit (LC) up to preparing the Bill of Exchange and covering letter required by your bank. So all you have to do is, submit your documents to the bank after handing over your invaluable cargo to Sahyog and everything else will be taken care of.

To add more value to the services Sahyog also helps its customers taking the closest peek of risk & other related factors prevailing in the market in order to let them make the most informed decision for betterment of their business. For the same team of Sahyog keeps itself up to date with the latest change(s) happening in the market & Government Policies.

Sahyog Group is engaged as the foremost firm presenting Import / Export Documentation service to our valued clients. Our team of qualified professionals is well aware of the various process that take place and assist the client every possible manner. These import export documentation services are handled by experienced industry professionals that ensure particular business requirements of our business are successfully met. We can also customize the services as per the specific business needs of our customers.

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Warehousing and Distribution Services in Delhi

A key element in our philosophy is to truly understand your business and logistics needs. This way, we can provide you with service solutions that will help grow your business. Our extensive network of dedicated and shared warehousing and distribution operations, combined with best-in-class design tools, processes and systems ensure cost-efficient distribution solutions, enable you to fulfill your commitments to your customers, anywhere in the world.

Our warehousing facility leads the way in quality, safety and efficiency. This ensures that all clients, large and small, with a wide range of product types are given the space and attention they require at any time of year. And when you’re ready to ship your product, our locations are close to major shipping lines to move product quickly and efficiently.

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Indian Customs Clearance Broker in Delhi

Your customs clearances are assured with Sahyog Group. We strive to only develop excellent working relationships with the most credible customs brokerage firms available. This enables you to acquire only the best customs clearance services for any air, ocean or ground imports into India.

With a team of highly qualified raters we bring many years of service within the industry you can rely on. You can be assured that your importation entries are rated with the highest standards. As your Indian Customs broker, we can facilitate your customs entry and provide you with a well researched tariff to match your products.

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Export Consultation Services in Delhi

If you are unsure about how to proceed or are looking to undertake or enter into an international shipment arrangement, perhaps it would be wise to conduct an independent review of your sales project or international shipment. This may be money well spent in advance of undertaking or entering into any overseas project or contract.

Sahyog Group offers export consultation services. We can assist and advise you as your independent consultant. To learn how Sahyog Group can help you open the door to export opportunities, speak with one of our logistics specialists today.

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International Freight Forwarding Agents in Delhi

Sahyog Group is located in New Delhi, India and has been in the Freight Forwarding Transportation business. We have an extensive network of Agents on all the Continents.

The comprehensive experience of its staff in all aspects of International Freight Forwarding has allowed Sahyog Group to provide the highest level of quality and professional services to its clients.

You do not need to deal with various companies when Sahyog Group can bring together your overall shipping requirements. A global network of our courteous and dedicated staff can save you time, money and needless hassles in handling your shipments from your warehouse to its final destination.

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International Airfreight Forwarding Company Delhi

Airfreight can reduce the total logistics cost for urgent or time-critical logistical challenges. By combining the speed of air with the cost savings of other modes, backed by smooth and efficient customs and administrative procedures, customers can enjoy the best of both worlds; reducing inventory and improving their own service offer with faster response times at affordable cost.

As an independent international logistics company Sahyog Group has the ability, with its global network, to tailor airfreight solutions to your needs. Whether transit time, cost, security or visibility of your shipments is your main requirement, Sahyog Group can ensure that your shipments arrive on time, in good order, as required, all with constant communication to you.

  • International Export Airfreight Forwarding
  • International Import Airfreight Forwarding
  • Express Parcel & Courier Service

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Customs Clearance Experts in Delhi

At Sahyog Group, we understand the necessity of smooth customs clearance for you and your business. Our customs clearance experts understand both the local rules and regulations, and the challenges of global business. We use this knowledge to tailor individual solutions that can help you make well-informed decisions, reduce lead time, optimise cash flow and keep taxes to a minimum. In short, save costs.

Our customs brokers are able to guide you through the maze of government regulations, provide advice and information, and swiftly execute clearances and other essential actions on your behalf. Our goals are to ensure that your shipments are imported, exported, and cleared in compliance with all laws whilst meeting critical delivery schedule requirements and controlling costs.

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Cost-effective Business Relocation Services Delhi

Whether you are a small business relocating across town or a multi-national corporation moving across the country, Sahyog Group has the expertise and resources to plan and implement the most effective commercial move to ensure business continuity for you, your staff and your organisation.

Our clients benefit from a cost-effective business relocation services provided by us. Our specialist team deliver services within a framework of local and national resources.

Our extensive resources are flexible enough to manage projects of any size, from smaller removals contracts to managing complex, specialist business relocation projects.

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Outsourced Managed Warehousing in Delhi

If the logistics of doing business has become a costly headache for your business, then Outsourced Warehousing, also known as Managed Warehousing, or Contract Warehousing, will achieve a better Supply Chain Solution for you.

If you have outgrown your current warehouse, or that warehouse is currently your garage, shed or factory, an outsourced managed warehouse will save you time and money, giving you much greater efficiencies and leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best – growing your business.

Your managed warehousing needs to be flexible, scalable, reliable and cost effective.

Our modern facilities are maintained to the highest standards. With the latest material handling equipment and secure facilities our warehouses are safe, efficient and secure.

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International Freight Forwarder Delhi

Looking for an international shipping solution to take your business to the next level? Whether you’re moving raw materials into your country or taking on the world by exporting your products, a freight forwarder will help you find your way through the complex international market.

Air freight is the fastest way to get your goods where they need to be. After a more cost effective option when speed isn’t crucial? Then Ocean freight may be the right for your cargo. Or you may want to use both air and sea and an intermodal service may be the option you are after. You know your product and the time frames you need it in; the right freight forwarder will understand your needs and deliver the entire shipping process creating different solutions to cater to your needs.

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Marine Cargo Insurance for Import Export Shipments India

At Sahyog Group, we offer end to end comprehensive Marine Cargo Insurance protection for all types of freight. Marine Cargo Insurance, also commonly known as Freight Insurance or Cargo Insurance is organised prior to the collection of your cargo. Marine Cargo Insurance is available for import or export shipments, Sahyog Group's Cargo Insurance protection can be tailored to meet your specific shipping requirements, we can provide Freight Insurance for one–off shipments, or regular commercial shipments, throughout the world.

Apart from Marine Cargo Insurance, Sahyog Group also offers other General Insurance Services including:

  • Health Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Student Medical Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Fire Insurance
  • Industrial Insurance
  • Corporate Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Shop Insurance

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Export Import Consultancy Services Delhi

With a sound knowledge and know-how, the expert professionals from Sahyog Group (based in Delhi) educate the clients of the rules and policies governing the same. We believe in fast and precise solutions and are indeed famous for delivering consultancy services in the shortest possible time, helping our clients reap the benefits of numerous exemptions incentives / assistance available under the Export Import Policy.

We are counted as the remarkable Export Import Consultant engaged in offering consultancy services related to import and export of various kinds of products and services. Provided services are extensively demanded by various organizations for the sale, purchase and issuance of various kinds of licenses. Our reliability, cost-effectiveness and on-time completion of undertaken cases have made us reputed Export Import Consultant in this domain.

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International Freight Forwarders in Delhi NCR

Sahyog Group is one of the leading International Sea / Air freight forwarders and can meet all your global transportation needs around the world. Whether you're transporting smallest to largest consignments to any part of the world, we reach your freights to the designated place at the earliest. As an international freight forwarder we have a reliable network through our associates and partners located around the globe and required resources in place to provide optimal solutions for your international freight needs. The professional staff and freight forwarding experts at Sahyog Group are fully trained to meet your transport logistics needs.

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Personalized Customs Clearance Service at all Indian ports

Sahyog Group provides commercial customs clearance and personal clearance help at all Indian ports of entry. No matter how big or small your cargo requirements are, you can rest assured knowing our service is comprehensive, world-wide and door-to-door, with personalized service tailored for importers and exporters.

Sahyog Group is a fully government licensed and accredited to provide a full comprehensive service to every Indian port and as part of a global network. We can facilitate the clearance of goods through customs and quarantine ports throughout the world. On your behalf, we will prepare the required documentation and/or electronic submissions, calculate (and facilitate payment of) taxes, duties and excises, and communicate with the relevant government authorities for hassle free clearance of your goods.

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Short or Long Term Warehousing and Distribution in Delhi

Delivering your products with care and attention across your supply chain. Sahyog Group is happy to provide our full attention to your product’s distribution. Ensuring your supply chain operates at peak efficiency is our ultimate goal. Whether we manage your entire distribution network or just a small part, we are always keen to find the most cost effective solutions that don’t sacrifice quality.

With both regular and customs bonded facilities that are fully secure and monitored, we provide you with a full range of opportunities to fit your warehousing and distribution requirements.

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Cheapest Packing & Moving Services in Delhi

Moving anything – office, home, or retail – can be extremely stressful. First of all, there’s a lot of planning involved. Then there’s the packing. Following that, there’s the lifting, carrying and loading, which adds physical demands to the stress. Once this is done, the load must be safely transported and unloaded on the other side, and finally, you have the ‘joy’ of unpacking and organising at your new destination!

Hiring Sahyog Group removes much of the stress from this process. Our professional, experienced team possesses the expertise to handle your goods with the utmost care and efficiency. We’ll help you at every stage of the process, from packing through to unpacking, and will even do all the heavy lifting for you with professional care and technique. Plus, we’re fully insured and offer the cheapest packing & moving services in Delhi.

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International Trade Consultants in Delhi

Sahyog Group’s international trade consultants advise Indian and international companies on trade practices compliance, customs legislation, competition and anti-trust policy, the international sale of goods and services and other legislative matters.

Working closely with our network of industry experts, we can keep you abreast of international business and customs developments that impact your ability to import and export goods, services and ideas. This includes local and foreign international trade agreements and legislation – everything you need to compete in overseas markets.

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Professional International Relocation Company in Delhi

When you’re relocating internationally, you need to plan things right to ensure that the process is stress-free, well organized, and completed in a time frame that meets your schedule. Because of this, enlisting the help of professional movers in Delhi is your best option. Sahyog Group will take care of all aspects of your international relocation, allowing you more time to organize your affairs, or even relax as you get ready to move to a new country.

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Customs Clearing Services in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad

Sahyog Group offers you an extensive logistics service package, including the handling of all your customs formalities and requirements. Our team is experienced and certified to provide services that can be tailor-made to fit your unique Customs requirements and needs.

Our Customs Clearing Services include:

  • Completing Customs declarations regarding the Import / Export and transit of goods
  • GST information
  • Processing of Refunds, Amendments, Drawbacks and corrections
  • Compliance Verification
  • Eligibility / Information / Clarification
  • Forms / Documentation requirements
  • Labelling requirements
  • Preparation of Customs Documentation

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International Air Freight Forwarding Services in Delhi

Sahyog Group's air freight operations are full equipped to cover your requirements. We are supported by a global network of specialist air freight operators and can arrange the most convenient and economical routes for both import and export consignments worldwide.

Our Service Includes:

  • Local Cartage and Delivery
  • Airline Selection and Rate Negotiations
  • Documentation
  • Insurance
  • Consolidation Services

Our strategy for growth is through service excellence with the aim to satisfy our customers by continuously improving our service - listening to our customer to identify their changing needs and applying our expertise and technical resources towards innovative solutions.

Sahyog Group's extensive network of transportation partners and agents worldwide enables us to provide complete logistics services for local, regional and international operations.

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Import Export Consultants for International Business

International trade is becoming more complex. Our customs and trade experts review compliance programs to identify risks and cost savings, and to provide opportunities to grow your business internationally.

Your business reputation is at stake every time you import or export. Having a trusted partner with experience matters. At Sahyog Group, we simplify trade for you by navigating the vast nexus of government agencies, regulations, protocols, and updates that often overwhelm business owners trading internationally.

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Outsource Business Warehousing in and around Delhi

Sahyog Group specialise in consolidation warehousing, storage, case making, pick and pack, order processing and availability.

We are ideally based which provides excellent transport links for businesses requiring warehousing and/or storage in and around Delhi.

It is an important part of business warehousing to be a customer's eyes and ears. Seasonal warehouse or storage products are not a problem. Our company has additional adjacent warehouse space for those peaks and overflow situations.

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International Air Freight Forwarder Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad

For the past many years, Sahyog Group, an established Air freight Forwarder along with our global network of partners: our worldwide Agents, air carriers, customs and airport operators provide daily airfreight services.  We understand that your air shipments are time sensitive; highly valued and often perishable. Our customers and agents have come to know and trust our timely scheduled delivery, customs processing and clearance by our own in-house Customs agents.

Sahyog Group and our global network of airfreight agents are ready to serve you.  Regardless of the size of your shipment, just tell us your deadline and trust our professional team to do the rest.

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Experienced Customs Clearing Agents in Delhi

When your business relies on imported goods, you need to work with a shipping services company that can get your merchandise through customs in a timely manner. Sahyog Group is made up of a team of highly-experienced customs clearing agents. Our agents are well-versed in tariff and custom laws, allowing them to foresee and avoid potential obstacles to customs clearance. Working with a customs clearing agent is the best way to ensure that your goods are successfully imported and that you are not overcharged in duties or taxes.

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Professional Packers & Movers in Delhi

Clean trucks, professional employees, and respect for our customers are always our top concerns. Moving a household requires time, planning, and organization. Why not let Sahyog Group take care of all the details? Our organized and efficient relocation consultants have years of experience with relocating households of every size. We are professional packers & movers who offer safe and comprehensive moving services at a reasonable price. We strive to make our customers’ lives easier with professional guidance and convenient, value-added service options. We can customize your personal moving plan to handle as much as you need.

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Indian Customs Clearance Agents Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata

Customs Clearance consists of a range of requirements for different countries, and an experienced customs agent from Sahyog Group can ensure your customs clearance is completed with minimum fuss and delay.

Sahyog Group can have a customs agent assist you with your customs clearance, wherever you are located across India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata.

Our thorough knowledge of the procedures for Indian Customs will give you the assurance that your customs clearance will be handled by our customs agent with expertise, and as smoothly as possible.

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Affordable Warehouse Storage Solutions in Delhi

When you need effective and affordable warehouse storage solutions in Delhi that help facilitate a smooth and hassle-free international shipping process, trust Sahyog Group to provide exactly what you require.

Having our own warehouse facility in Delhi, we are ideally suited for any short or long term storage requirement. Dry storage is offered at competitive rates. We offer ‘pick & pack’ facilities as well as distribution of orders nationwide.

Sahyog Group offers both short and long term warehouse storage solutions for Delhi businesses. If your own warehouse is at capacity and you need a short term solution while you’re in the process of clearing excess stock, or you require long term pallet storage while your warehouse undergoes refurbishment, we can tailor a practical solution that meets your specific needs. Whether you have a small or large consignment, get in touch with us to see how we can be of assistance.

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International Ocean Freight Forwarding Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata

For your international shipping, Sahyog Group provide a variety of ocean freight options based on reputable shipping lines offering regular sea freight sailings to all major ports worldwide.

Sahyog Group can assist you with international shipping, wherever you are located across India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata.

Multiple carrier international shipping options are provided based on their cost competitiveness, reliability of service, frequency of sea freight sailings, routing and transit times. A key part of our activities is maintaining a constant awareness of the industry changes so that we can expedite ocean freight services to you with maximum efficiency.

We look forward to tailoring our services to suit your international freight requirements.

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Car Transportation Service in Delhi NCR

Sahyog Group offers a fully enclosed, dedicated and single car transportation service. We specialise in a safe, secure and discreet movement of Cars throughout India.

Sahyog Group provides clean, personal, friendly and above all professional service. Our service is tailored to meet your own enclosed car transport requirements.

Operating from Delhi, we are equally ready to pick and deliver vehicles to and from any part of NCR and other distant and close locations.

We offer a fully transparent and professional door-to-door transport service for companies and individuals who want the best.

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Interstate Packers & Movers in Delhi

We are interstate packers & movers specialising in moving our clients from Delhi to any part in India or vice versa. Our team is highly experienced and always make sure your belongings make it safely to your destination. We are affordable and offer great value for money. We have been in this industry for years and offer a much higher quality service than our competitors – but keep our prices low and extremely competitive.

We keep our overheads low with a fuel efficient fleet and well organised packing & moving practises. Our pricing structure is simple to understand and very affordable. Combined with great service and affordability

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International Packers and Movers in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, India

Sahyog Group is considered as the best moving and packing solution provider in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, India. We offer effective moving methods that make it a lot easier for you to get relocated to a new city or country. Contact us right away!

Safe and secure International Packers and Movers

Our speciality lies in packing each and every item that you have at your home and transporting all the items to your new place in the shortest time possible. We completely understand your shifting needs and provide you with utmost peace of mind. We can even customize our services to take care of any specific needs that you may have.

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Packing and Moving Services in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad

Sahyog Group is considered one of the big and prominent names when it comes to the best and uncompromising packing and moving services in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and Faridabad. We are known for our quality services as the entire team is highly trained and adept and are very careful during the duty hours. We handle your goods and furniture with extreme care and are very responsible in doing the perfect work punctually. Over the years, we have earned the reputation of being the best movers New Delhi NCR and have satisfactorily serviced several clients.

We are legally certified in carrying out the business of packing and moving and we are very transparent in our way of doing the business. We propose the right estimate before the project starts so the client can determine whether it is within his or her budget or not.

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Customs Clearance Services in Noida, Ghaziabad

Customs Clearance has never been this easy.

Being oriented towards customer service means we put your needs first. We strive for the swiftest global transport because we realise that cutting through red tape is one of the most important aspects to achieve prompt delivery.

In order to optimise our Customs Clearance services, we focus on decreasing delays by achieving a complete understanding of customs compliance issues. By working closely with our tariff consultancy we ensure that your cargo goes as smoothly as possible.

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International Freight Forwarder Delhi, India

Sahyog Group is a New Delhi, India based and privately owned international freight forwarder with a very strong presence in the all Indian ports. We provide flexible, comprehensive and efficient solutions to our highly valued clientele by combining industry knowledge, highly skilled personnel and close ties with industry suppliers including major Shipping and Air Line.

Sahyog Group serves both individual and commercial clients locally and Internationally. We design our transport solutions to fit the diverse and dynamic needs of our customers by tailoring our wide range of services (sea freight, air freight, customs clearance and cargo management) to the specific needs of each valued client.

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Cargo Transportation Services Delhi

Sahyog Group is highly renowned throughout India for its professionalism and commitment to transportation of large quantities of freight within the country. We hold all the aces in rendering Cargo Transportation Services. These services are rendered by our professionals who hold specialization in this domain. To meet expectations of the clients, we ensure to render these services as per the clients' requirements. Along with this, we render these services in accordance with the established rules and regulations for transportation.

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Third Party Logistics Solution in Delhi NCR

If you’re looking for a great location to set up your Indian distribution centre, or Smart Warehouse, we’ve got the perfect solution.

Providing third party logistics to multiple clients from our facility, Sahyog Group is well situated for your local and national requirements.

From pick up of product, storage and packing, through to delivery and set up, our strength is providing clients with end to end coordination of their projects.

Our ability to act as a distribution centre and deliver “just in time” inventory allows us to provide complete service, door to door.

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Ocean and Air Freight Forwarding Services

Whether you are in need of shipping freight by air, ocean, road or rail; Sahyog Group will tailor services according to your needs. Whatever you need transported, to wherever it need to go, look no further; Sahyog Group will cater to your needs.

If correct procedures are not followed, we understand how problematic the complexities of international logistics can be. By combining global reach and reliability, Sahyog Group will help you navigate all the complexities of international trade. We have the resources and expertise to handle your international shipments quickly, safely and smoothly.

Our ocean and air freight forwarding services makes managing your supply chain more simple. We offer a competitive global network to streamline your supply chain and meet your international transportation needs. By choosing Sahyog Group for your global freight forwarding needs, you can rest assure that your shipment is going to arrive to its destination point at the time of need.

When it comes to avoiding customs penalties, reducing freight costs and shortening transit times, our air and ocean freight services are second to none. We have been servicing some of the toughest industries including perishable goods, high-value goods, livestock and heavy equipment.

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International Relocation Company in Delhi

Moving house or office can be a very exciting time, one that represents a fresh change and a challenging future. However, with so many aspects to attend to in organising your new location, your very last concern should be the secure transport of your treasured belongings.

Sahyog Group is an international relocations company, specialising in international removals, storage, overseas moving, movers insurance, relocation services and lots more. We will even relocate your vehicle and pets. With a range of options available, whether you are moving your entire household or just your treasured possessions we have a moving service to suit you.

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Customs Clearing Services in Delhi

Sahyog Group has years of experience in clearing goods, so we have the strategic customs clearing knowledge that you need to safely import products. Sahyog Group will clear any type of shipment, arriving by any mode of transport.

We are committed to helping large and small businesses achieve their goals. Since every business's size and industry is different, we will tailor our service to suit your specific needs. Sahyog Group will keep your goods moving forward, so that you can keep your business moving forward.

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Cargo Insurance during transit

Insurance on goods, wares, merchandise and other movable properties which may be exposed to marine hazards or perils during their transportation from one location to another.

Cargo insurance covers the risks of loss or damage to goods and merchandise while in transit by any method of transport – sea, rail, road or air - and while in storage anywhere in the world between the points of origin and final destination. We have a number of cargo insurance products to suit the needs of Small to Medium Enterprises.

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Air Freight Services in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad

Sahyog Group offers air freight services through its global network of offices. By partnering with leading carriers, Sahyog Group ensures that customer’s cargo needs are met through a variety of solutions including fixed schedules on our daily flights, consolidation services in our own facilities and the creation of specialized solutions based on customer's unique requirements. Throughout the entire process, global compliance and security requirements are met at all times.

For further details or requirements, Email us or send Enquiry