High Quality Warehouse Storage Solution in Delhi

For the management and staff at Sahyog Group, high quality warehouse storage solutions are just part of the comprehensive logistics package we offer to our customers, and it’s one of the reasons why we are a trusted partner to so many companies.

With room to move, our warehouse store people are experienced, organised and trained to undertake the jobs they have responsibility for. From forklift drivers to pickers and packers, loaders and those who specialise in handling hazardous or complex cargo, each one brings experience and expertise to the job.

Our focus is on providing safe, secure and efficient warehouse services in a clean, well organised, secure environment. Our systematic warehouse management structure allows us to provide individually tailored solutions for pick and pack facilities with accurate and timely management of stock inventory.

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Export Import Documentation in Delhi, India

Whether you are a small or large business, whether you import or export goods occasionally or have regular consignments arriving or departing India. As with any business – getting the right advice from a professional, before your start, is essential.

At Sahyog Group, our staff has years of experience and can provide you with right information and advice on all the required export import documentation. With an experience of over two decades in the business – you can rely on Sahyog Group for expert advice in every aspect of importing or exporting goods to or from India.

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Cost Effective Freight Forwarding Services in Delhi, India

Work with a team you can trust. Partnered with a global and domestic network of freight forwarders and logistics companies, we can connect you to the most reliable and cost effective freight forwarding services available in the market today. Our team are regularly negotiating freight rates, allowing us to offer our clients wholesale rates...compare your previous shipment costs with ours. We take personal interest in the movement of your cargo.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to the safety and security of your goods. As one of the industry’s most respected freight forwarding companies, we understand the importance of accountability. All shipments at Sahyog Group are carefully monitored through all stages of the supply chain. Our team of highly trained professionals can provide expert advice on all service matters relating to sea freight and air freight consignments. Our investment is time spent with you, when you succeed, we succeed!

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Customs Clearance & Freight Forwarding Services

Work with professionals dedicated to providing you with a quality end-to-end service. Sahyog Group has years of industry experience & expertise in the Customs Clearance & Freight Forwarding Industry. Through our Indian and worldwide freight forwarding and logistics networks we are able to provide our customers peace of mind while moving their goods quickly and effectively through the international supply chain, saving you time and money.

We understand how international trade can be daunting and can be costly to your business if not handled correctly. Our licensed customs agents become your personal expert, provide you with professional advice and cost effective solutions, giving your business a competitive edge.

No matter how large or small your consignments, whether you are a business with regular ongoing shipments, have the occasional freight movement, or just starting out, our qualified staff are here to help you. You are not just a number to us, our investment is time spent with you, when you succeed we succeed.

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Marine Cargo Insurance in Delhi, India

The purpose of Marine Cargo Insurance is to repay you for the full value of your shipment if the goods you are importing or exporting are damaged, lost or stolen in transit by air, sea or land.

Goods are damaged, lost or stolen in transit everyday so it is vital that you are appropriately insured by marine cargo insurance.

While some freight forwarding companies offer insurance, many limit their liability on the weight of the cargo. This 'contingent' insurance regularly results in a substantially lower payment than the value of loss.

Risk management advice is part of the service. Our Marine Specialty Risks unit will help you understand the risks specific to your business, and how to protect yourself. And if things go wrong our proactive claims management will help you get back to business asap.

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