Marine Cargo Insurance in Delhi NCR

Marine cargo insurance occupies an important position in international trade whilst it is primarily concerned with the protection of ocean-going cargo it also covers against the hazards associated with connecting land conveyances as well as shipments by mail or air.

Goods being transported anywhere in the world are exposed to a wide range of risks some of which include loss or damage due to:

  • Theft, pilferage or hijack
  • Mistakes in transportation such as dropping, rough or inappropriate handling
  • Accident to the carrying conveyance such as a vessel sinking, aircraft crashing or vehicle fire, road traffic accident or overturning
  • Exposure to rain or salt water
  • Variations in temperature

Most of these risks are difficult for the owner of the goods to manage directly. This is because the shipment will be given into the care, custody and control of third parties who will limit their liability for loss or damage to those goods.

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