Office Relocation Service in Delhi, Faridabad, Gurugram

Sahyog Group offers a comprehensive office relocation service to secure your business back to be ready of operating and start turning a profit. We understand the need for a timely and convenient relocation service. Time is money and your business continuity is imperative during a business relocation. Moving office requires a coordinated and diligent effort to minimize operating downtime.

Your Relocation Manager will coordinate with you the most appropriate day and time to relocate your office - even if this includes an after-hours, overnight or Sunday service. Our staff will dissemble workstations and counters and reconfigure them in your new business premises as you want them.

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Cargo Insurance Services in Mumbai, Maharashtra

It is a misconception that ocean carriers or other contractors in the transport chain can recover costs for lost or damaged goods. This is why we always recommend cargo insurance for all shipments. Failure to insure can result in significant costs to your business. Shipping lines, Airlines, Freight Forwarders, Terminal Operator and Road Transport Operators all contract under limited liability.

Risk management advice is part of the service. Our Marine Specialty Risks unit will help you understand the risks specific to your business, and how to protect yourself. And if things go wrong our proactive claims management will help you get back to business asap.

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Warehousing Facility in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad

Our warehousing facility leads the way in quality, safety and efficiency. This ensures that all clients, large and small, with a wide range of product types are given the space and attention they require at any time of year. And when you’re ready to ship your product, our locations are close to major shipping lines to move product quickly and efficiently.

Sahyog Group is proud to offer its state-of-the-art warehouses for both temporary or long-term storage requirements. We constantly monitor, control and record our clients’ products. Our leading technologies ensure real-time visibility, seamless reporting and management.

Our highly experienced team specializes in developing cost effective, warehousing solutions to exactly meet our clients’ requirements.

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Ocean Freight Handling Services in Chandigarh

Since inception, Sahyog Group has met the forwarding requirements for larger shipments moving by ocean freight. The many details of inter modal transfers required in an ocean shipment can be orchestrated efficiently by our sea freight department. We take care of all details from the quote, booking of cargo for both the inland and ocean portion of the move, as well as providing preparation of all necessary documents.

The economies of moving cargo that is less time sensitive by ocean should be considered and a just in time arrival schedule can be planned with this efficient form of transportation. Sahyog Group has handled sea shipments throughout the world for over many years and can find the best solution for your shipping needs.

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Customs Clearance Agent in Mumbai, Maharashtra

When selecting a suitable customs clearance agent in Mumbai, it makes sense to choose a company with a proven track record and reputation as a trusted and reliable company. A reputable customs agent will be proactive in achieving customs compliance, while understanding the needs of each individual customer. An expert broker will have the knowledge and expertise to save the customer money in ways that other brokers overlook.

Sahyog Group has been providing a high level of customs clearance service for many years, and is known India wide as a leader in the field with a commitment to excellence.

Customers are provided with an accurate clearance quote by expert advisers determined to create a smooth process and avoid unnecessary customs penalties, all at the best possible price. At Sahyog Group we leave no stone unturned in assisting with accurate documentation and providing the full range of options for our customers.

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