Export & Import Services in Noida, Ghaziabad

We are engaged in offering vast range of Export & Import services globally. We offer Export & Import services like third party inspection, transportation, warehousing, custom duty clearance, offering required bills and certificates, certified survey & compliances, logistic solutions, and much more.

Our team of expert employees is well-versed with the current trends and developments of Export & Import services. We have connections with the concerned authorities that further ease the completion of Export & Import services.

At Sahyog Group, we help you set up Export Oriented Units. Export is one of the most lucrative business activities in India. The Government also provides various incentives to the exporters for earning valuable foreign exchange for the country for meeting their requirements for importing modern technology and essential inputs.

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Customs Clearance at Delhi Airport

If you are  importing goods from overseas into India, you may choose to engage the services of a licensed Customs Agent to lodge your documentation with the Indian Customs. Utilizing the services of a licenced customs broker will ensure the correct preparation and compliance with the customs clearance procedures and formalities.

Sahyog Group has the experience and expertise to perform effective customs clearance for any importable or exportable cargo, in any part of the world. We deal with air freight, parcel post, sea freight, temporary imports and securities.

We’ll make the whole process as simple and as fast as possible.
We could even save you money with our knowledge of free trade agreements.

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Door to Door Transporter Services in Delhi NCR

Sahyog Group is highly renowned throughout India for its professionalism and commitment to transportation of large quantities of freight within the country.

Sahyog Group specializes in the transportation of FMCG and large volume goods including packaging supplies and other raw materials to leading retailers throughout India.

We provide our clients door to door transporter services. Our fleets of vehicles are new and well maintained. It ensures the goods safety and the delivery schedules are maintained.

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Why to opt for International Marine Cargo Insurance?

  • On average, a ship sinks every day and a shipper experiences a General Average loss every 8 years.
  • Most carriers are not responsible for losses that are unforeseeable and beyond their control, such as fires, lightning, un-seaworthiness of vessels, collisions, criminal acts or negligence.
  • General Average may be declared by the captain and requires you to post a cash bond before receiving your cargo — even when your cargo is not damaged or destroyed.
  • National and international treaty restrictions limit ocean carriers’ liability per package.
  • The Maritime Law of General Average means that even if your cargo is not lost or damaged, cargo owners must pay proportionally for any cargo intentionally or unintentionally thrown overboard, any damage sustained to the vessel, and any expenses incurred to save the ship and its crew when in danger.
  • A General Average claim may take years to finalize.

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International Freight Forwarding Company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

For global supply chains, access to transportation capacity is an obvious requirement when selecting an international freight forwarding company. However, if you want more from international freight forwarding, Sahyog Group, provides the shipment visibility and control that adds flexibility and efficiencies.

In addition to reliable transportation capacity, Sahyog Group's International Freight Forwarding services provide regional expertise. This will help with all the complex country-by-country export and import requirements. We organize all aspects of the process on your behalf, including compliance with rules and regulations and country-specific documentation.

Our state-of-the-art technologies deliver the timely information you need to manage the flow of materials. Your supply chain can react quickly to market demands while still enjoying improved lead times.

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