Cost-effective Business Relocation Services Delhi

Whether you are a small business relocating across town or a multi-national corporation moving across the country, Sahyog Group has the expertise and resources to plan and implement the most effective commercial move to ensure business continuity for you, your staff and your organisation.

Our clients benefit from a cost-effective business relocation services provided by us. Our specialist team deliver services within a framework of local and national resources.

Our extensive resources are flexible enough to manage projects of any size, from smaller removals contracts to managing complex, specialist business relocation projects.

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Outsourced Managed Warehousing in Delhi

If the logistics of doing business has become a costly headache for your business, then Outsourced Warehousing, also known as Managed Warehousing, or Contract Warehousing, will achieve a better Supply Chain Solution for you.

If you have outgrown your current warehouse, or that warehouse is currently your garage, shed or factory, an outsourced managed warehouse will save you time and money, giving you much greater efficiencies and leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best – growing your business.

Your managed warehousing needs to be flexible, scalable, reliable and cost effective.

Our modern facilities are maintained to the highest standards. With the latest material handling equipment and secure facilities our warehouses are safe, efficient and secure.

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International Freight Forwarder Delhi

Looking for an international shipping solution to take your business to the next level? Whether you’re moving raw materials into your country or taking on the world by exporting your products, a freight forwarder will help you find your way through the complex international market.

Air freight is the fastest way to get your goods where they need to be. After a more cost effective option when speed isn’t crucial? Then Ocean freight may be the right for your cargo. Or you may want to use both air and sea and an intermodal service may be the option you are after. You know your product and the time frames you need it in; the right freight forwarder will understand your needs and deliver the entire shipping process creating different solutions to cater to your needs.

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Marine Cargo Insurance for Import Export Shipments India

At Sahyog Group, we offer end to end comprehensive Marine Cargo Insurance protection for all types of freight. Marine Cargo Insurance, also commonly known as Freight Insurance or Cargo Insurance is organised prior to the collection of your cargo. Marine Cargo Insurance is available for import or export shipments, Sahyog Group's Cargo Insurance protection can be tailored to meet your specific shipping requirements, we can provide Freight Insurance for one–off shipments, or regular commercial shipments, throughout the world.

Apart from Marine Cargo Insurance, Sahyog Group also offers other General Insurance Services including:

  • Health Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Student Medical Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Fire Insurance
  • Industrial Insurance
  • Corporate Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Shop Insurance

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Export Import Consultancy Services Delhi

With a sound knowledge and know-how, the expert professionals from Sahyog Group (based in Delhi) educate the clients of the rules and policies governing the same. We believe in fast and precise solutions and are indeed famous for delivering consultancy services in the shortest possible time, helping our clients reap the benefits of numerous exemptions incentives / assistance available under the Export Import Policy.

We are counted as the remarkable Export Import Consultant engaged in offering consultancy services related to import and export of various kinds of products and services. Provided services are extensively demanded by various organizations for the sale, purchase and issuance of various kinds of licenses. Our reliability, cost-effectiveness and on-time completion of undertaken cases have made us reputed Export Import Consultant in this domain.

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